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Sampling of the Suggestopedia Method

Daily Instructional Lesson Plan Worcester County Public Schools

Content Area(s)/Course/Grade:
Spanish (or ESL with the language roles reversed)


Lesson Topic:
The Condor Who Fell In Love

Student Outcome(s):

Students will be able to:
v Recognize the differences between Spanish and English text.
v Develop their Spanish listening skills during a read aloud.
v Focus their minds on the task at hand.
v Demonstrate comprehension through interactions and participation, using both the native and primary languages.

Context for Learning

This lesson was developed for a beginning level Spanish class or for other students with no Spanish background. In an ESL classroom, I would use this method to teach English by reversing the role of the two languages.
The classroom environment should be enjoyable but relaxing; with comfortable chairs and with relia that complements the text.
Prior to this lesson, students were given Spanish names and chose professions, in order to take on a different persona (if given time, students would choose names and professions as an opening activity).

Instructional Delivery

Opening Activities/Motivation:
Gather students in a circle and encourage them to relax while listening to classical music. The teacher will give them the text, in both Spanish and English, to refer to during the readings. Inform students to clear their minds and follow along while the teacher reads in the target language, referring to the primary language for comprehension when necessary.

Do not begin reading until the classical music has played for a couple of minutes and the students are relaxed.
Begin reading the text in the target language.
Read passage one.
Change the music. Allow students to listen to the music for a couple of minutes before beginning to read the next passage.
Read passage two.
Change the music. Allow students to listen to the music for a couple of minutes before beginning to read the next passage (time permitting).
Read passage three (time permitting).
Allow students to listen and enjoy the music for a few more minutes.
Do not discuss the readings at this time!

Assessment/Evaluation (Formative/Summative)

Informal assessment through teacher observation.
After the lesson, students’ comprehension would be assessed through their participation and interaction in the planning and presenting of their “skit.”

After reading the three passages, inform the students that their homework for tonight is to read the text once more before bed and then again in the morning before getting up.

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